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Ixtur magnets

Ixtur manufactures a wide range of pneumatically controlled magnets ranging from 6 kg to 180 kg WLL. The function of the magnets is based on neodymium permanent magnet.

Ixtur pneumatically controlled magnets:

  • Excellent size to gripping capacity ratio
  • Easy control by compressed air
  • Suitable for robot grippers of pick and place applications
  • Optimal for robotics, other industrial automation, lifting and workholding
  • Maintenance free
  • Keep their magnetic state in case of lost air pressure
  • MAP and MRP series allow handling of wide range of load shapes and sizes

In addition to the pneumatic magnets, Ixtur has Automatic Lifting Magnet LI-120 and battery-powered automatic lifting beams.

LI-120 is an electrically controlled, battery-operated magnet that has automatic ON/OFF operation. The automatic operation enables good ergonomics and working with loads in areas of limited access.

Automatic Ixtur lifting beams are battery-operated and don’t need any power source from the crane. The beams are quick to take into use and easy to move from a crane to another.

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