Ixtur LI-120 Automatic Lifting Magnet

LI-120 Automatic Lifting Magnet

Automatic Lifting Magnet LI-120 has bi-stable operational structure, which means that the device does not consume energy while maintaining the magnet’s states. The switching between states is controlled with a short electrical pulse either manually with operation buttons or automatically with a built-in load-sensing system. Low energy consumption extends the operating time and allows a compact construction with an internal chargeable battery. Long operating time, compact size and automatic control result to long and efficient working without interruptions.

  • Lifting tool for professional use
  • For flat steel material handling
  • Automatic control
  • Compact size
  • Internal chargeable battery
  • Bi-stable structure
  • CE approved
  • Over 1000 lifts with one complete battery charge
  • WLL 120 kg (Steel S235 S≥12 mm)
  • Weight 6,5 kg

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