Ixtur MRP-130F Pneumatic Magnet robotic gripper lifting magnet

Ixtur MRP-130F Pneumatic Magnet

Ixtur MRP-130F is a pneumatically controlled neodymium permanent magnet that is suitable for gripping parts with different shapes. The compact size combined with high gripping force make them versatile for various applications including: lifters, grippers, fixtures, production automation, robotic solutions, end-of-arm-tooling, etc.

MRP-130F is optimized for loads which are not in contact with the entire gripping area of the magnet. However, for proper gripping, it is necessary to at least partly touch both of the magnet’s magnetic poles. Characteristics of MRP-130F make it versatile gripper for parts having irregular shape or rough surface like cast iron.

Threaded holes in the sides and bottom of the magnet enables use of pole extensions. The pole extensions can be used to lengthen or widen the magnet’s gripping area to better fit onto the gripped load.

Ixtur magnets do not change their magnetic state if compressed air is lost - e.g. in case of a damaged hose or compressor malfunction. This feature provides reliability and safety to material handling.

Unlike vacuum lifting solutions, Ixtur magnet handle also perforated material. The magnets consume significantly less air than vacuum grippers, because compressed air is used only to switch the magnet on and off.

Ixtur Pneumatic Magnet MRP-130F:

  • Maintenance free
  • Good size / gripping force ratio
  • Gripping force:
    • Flat surface: 3.8 kN (WLL 130 kg with safety factor 3)
      • Material thickness: 25 mm
  • Durable construction
  • Can be installed in any orientation
  • Capable of handling loads with various shapes
  • Threaded holes in sides and bottom for installing pole extensions
  • Please see the brochure for detailed technical specifications

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