MRP-30F Pneumatic Magnet

Ixtur MRP-30F is a magnetic gripper for industrial automation and manual lifting. The MRP-30F magnet is the optimal gripper for a robot when the load does not cover the entire contact area of the magnet.

Lifting capacity of Ixtur MRP-30F is 30 kg (safety factor of 3).

Ixtur has a wide range of pneumatically actuated magnets that are suitable as robot grippers for industrial automation. The gripping areas of the magnets have been optimized for different shapes of workpieces. Lifting capacity ranges from 6 kg to 180 kg (safety factor of 3).

The magnet is easy to control with compressed air. The magnet maintains its magnetic state even when the air pressure is lost. Ixtur pneumatic magnets are maintenance-free and have a short cycle time, allowing high production speed and efficient automation.

The Ixtur pneumatic magnets are suitable for robot grippers, fixtures and production automation. The combination of compact design, strong lifting force and low residual gripping force make these magnets the optimum choice as gripper for robot.

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